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How it works

A client-centric platform
for legal professionals

A digital contract management platform for legal professionals; monitor and manage your clients' legal documents digitally, efficiently and securely.

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Closer to the client

This is our vision of a customer-centric structure of the legal industry. Suits is created to bring clients and lawyers closer together with easy collaboration and increased insights.

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How it works for clients

Contractbook makes contract management easy and efficient.
We have more than 35,000 users that create, sign and store their legal documents on the platform.


All parties fill in their information in the document you have prepared

Digital signature

They then sign it easily and efficiently using a digital signature

Secure storage

Documents are then stored securely and organised in the cloud

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Suited for Legal Professionals

Improve your workflow efficiency, get closer to your clients and receive valuable insights on your clients' legal affairs with streamlined data.

White label

Increase your brand awareness and deliver commoditised legal services for your clients by using our custom white label solution.

Data and insights

Track how your clients engage with your legal services the dashboard that gathers data from all connected clients and teams.

New business models

Develop revenue streams and new types of value by leveraging the platform and offering business models suited for the digital age.

Legal reviews

Observe your clients' contract negotiations and conduct legal reviews to win new clients among the platform's userbase.

Template management

Control how your templates are being used and shared. Perform synchronized updates on multiple clients with a few clicks.

Be proactive

Be more proactive by having access to monitor your clients' legal affairs. Make sure they are compliant - always! 

Designed for teams

Setting up the team structure increases overview and transparency within the organisation. Get closer to your clients and understand the inner workings of their business.

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