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How it works

A contract drafter for the
client-centric age

Our drafter is a well-designed and user-friendly
DIY-document tool that empowers your clients to tailor their own contracts.

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Introducing: Drafter

Fill out a simple questionnaire and receive a digital contract - ready for signature. Contractbook's drafter is a flexible and client-centric tool that enables scalable business-models and modernises your professional brand. Read more about contract drafters in our introductory e-book.

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White-labelled legal tech

Your drafter will be designed and tailored to suit your firm's brand.
You can record personal video tutorials, write tooltips or legal articles, and even embed the solution on your firm's website.
The possibilities are endless!

Drafting flow - a simple overview

White-labelled to your brand

You get your own portal and welcome screen that collects leads for you.

Interactive questionnaire

Clients creates contracts at any time with this interactive questionnaire.

Guides and tooltips

Video tutorials, guides and tooltips makes the drafter tech with a human face.

Preview and review

Once the questionnaire is completed, a document is generated for you to review and approve.

Payment Process

We include a payment gate-way process that collects your profit smoothly.

Exporting the Document

After completion, clients are able to download the document and proceed to purchase other services.

Precedence in the market

"Our collaboration with Contractbook was smooth and efficient. They delivered a functional and well-designed drafter that is easy to manage for us, and intuitive to use for our clients."

Lars Lyngdahl
CCO in STORM Advokatfirma

New business models

Using a contract drafter enables a variation of business models. This is a legal tech tool that is easy to implement and creates value from Day 1! 


The freemium model, enables you to offer some or all of your templates to existing & new clients.This model is a great way to generate new clients and strengthen the tie to existing ones by offering new valuable digital services.


The pay-per-use  model is simple and efficient. Existing and new clients pay for each document they generate by using a credit card, mobile payment solution etc. We suggest keeping some of the drafter open to new clients.


Subscription-based earnings are best when paired with a “Legal-as-a-Service” business model. Add subscriptions to certain template groups, the entire universe, or even offer a white-label solution.

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